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Warranty Disclosure

Warranty claims on a caravan can differ to what you are used to in the past. Unlike a car where all parts are made by the same manufacturer, a caravan has an array of different appliances where warranties are from different companies. Warranty periods will vary from one appliance to another, so it is very important you take note of the specific timeframes for these. In many cases extended warranties are available upon customer requests.

When claiming a warranty, it is important to note, not all warranty claims can be dealt with at the same place of business & where the customer is not able to bring the van to the dedicated repairer at the time, a call out fee may apply. We stress however, that your selling dealer will always be your first point of call for any issues that arise.

When collecting your new caravan, small teething items can unfortunately arise. Everything has been done to try and prevent this, however it’s important to understand that your new caravan has had very little movement prior to you possessing it. Once you take it away, more movement can result in things loosening up and possibly causing an issue. A majority of issues will be covered under warranty, so long as the product has not been misused. If the warranty issue is not major & does not impede on holidays or travel, many choose to wait until the first service to get these items attended to. Please let your selling dealer know as soon as possible if an issue arises, so they can make a note of it. When booking in your caravan to rectify issues, be clear about what needs attention, to ensure the correct amount of time is allocated and parts can be ordered if needed. If additional items are required to be fixed that your selling dealer is not made aware of at the time of the initial booking, a second booking may be required.

In the event the warranty item is of a major concern or is impeding on the use of the caravan, we will ensure to the best of our ability to get this attended to as soon as possible. If you are unable to get the caravan back to us, we will require that you book with the closest service agent at the time to get the matter resolved. A quote will need to be provided to us to approve the work. Once again please be mindful, the more remote the situation the harder it may be to fix the issue in a timely manner.

Where applicable, please provide photo evidence of the issues. It is recommended to use a sticker system whereby you mark issues with correlating stickers i.e. 1a,1b,1c etc with a detailed email reflecting these in the same order to avoid missed items.

Outback Disclosure

Where we have stated a caravan is sold for the purpose of outback use, there are still some points to be aware of that may not fall under warranty.

Our product will not be covered for any stone damage caused or items broken as a result of improper use. This includes, but is not limited to: broken pipes, stone damage, broken windows, excessive tyre wear, water ingress from high rivers or dust ingress. There are some examples of what can happen that are not due to a manufacturing fault. Manufacturers cover items for a fault in a product, not for a stone hitting it and causing damage, or misuse of a product and breaking it.

Please ensure you are up to date with the correct tyre inflation requirements for the type of outback use & that you use common sense when approaching full outback tracks.