Port Douglas Caravanning

Are you ready to enjoy balmy weather and nature's finest? Your next adventure should be a Port Douglas caravanning experience!

Up in tropical North Queensland, you get nasty extremes, but glorious highs. If you're not one for humidity, we'll warn you now, it's going to be humid. However, even if you're dissatisfied by humidity, the opportunity to explore this internationally renowned location, far outweighs any discomfort.

Located one hour North of Cairns, Port Douglas is where a good portion of Australia will flock during the summer months. It's noted that the population within Port Douglas fluctuates dramatically during the year, all dependent on the weather and tourists. Generally speaking, Port Douglas is a natural beauty, boasting picture perfect beaches, and crisp green tropical views.

When you begin researching for your Port Douglas caravanning itinerary, you'll see endless photos of dreamlike beach locations, and snapshots of the Great Barrier Reef. We can confidently agree that Port Douglas is encompassed in the definition of ‘holidaying'. Moreover, we can also conclude that many people have Port Douglas listed in their ‘top ten dream holiday locations'. It's all about the big ticket items in Port Douglas, with Australian tourism boosted significantly by this coastal township (we say this purely on its popularity).

Don't waste your time thinking about visiting Port Douglas, make sure you set sail this lifetime – and preferably as soon as possible. Just ensure you book any caravan park sites as early as possible, we cannot stress this enough!

Are you ready? Well let's begin showing off the Port Douglas highlights, now we do we begin?

We'll start with the obvious as there is no possible way to describe this tropical paradise without mentioning this Aussie icon.

The Great Barrier Reef

Arguably ‘the' greatest natural gem of Australia. Seen by many on television and in the dreams of those who've never had the chance to experience it first hand. Whether you're Port Douglas caravanning, or just holidaying by different means, you can't digress from The Great Barrier Reef.

Aesthetically, this ocean delight will capture your heart, eyes, and mind. In photos, we're already gazing in awe of The Great Barrier Reef, but swimming or snorkeling is the dream.

Everyone wants a piece of The Great Barrier Reef, which is no surprise, and for the same reason, we hope to preserve the reef. What's wonderful about having Port Douglas as your base, you have a multitude of avenues to explore the reef.

Great Barrier Reef Cruises

If you're not interested in swimming or snorkeling to experience The Great Barrier Reef, you do have the option of taking a luxurious cruise. You will find there are many operators ready to provide you a cruise through The Great Barrier Reef, and your choice will depend on your own preferences. With so many operators, you're sure to find the best fit for your Port Douglas caravanning adventure.

  • Quicksilver Cruises – they offer many great options, with the Semi Submersible Tour a unique option for those looking to see the underwater landscape, but without getting wet! They also offer snorkelling and diving opportunities

Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling and Diving

Great Barrier Reef Sailing 

As you can see, the options are endless. Whether you're a couple looking for casual and relaxing sunsets, or adventure seekers ready to snorkel, The Great Barrier Reef is what you make it.

Daintree Rainforest

The idea of a rainforest is alluring in every way, especially when you think back to school when you learn about such a naturally wild piece of land. All those beastly, yet tranquil, visions of a rainforest, are all which you discover.

When visiting the Daintree Rainforest. It's desperately difficult to describe the enchanting wonder of this world heritage listed forest, but the fact that it is World Heritage Listed is highly relevant.

Did You Know

The Daintree Forest is considered the oldest continual living rainforest on Earth!

Within the Daintree Rainforest, there is a platter of stunning elements, from beautiful fauna, to eerily spectacular insects and spiders. If you have visited this mesmerizing forest maze, you almost get the sense you're entering into a whole new habitat, not meant for human steps. You're visiting, and only visiting, the home of other species.

We should all feel so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to discover and explore the Daintree Forest, in the various capacities available.

Daintree Rainforest Tours
Your exploration can begin here, with the Daintree Rainforest Tours. With warning, be prepared for high humidity, and the sweats,  an inevitable reaction to the rainforest environment. If you're not a fan of humidity, this won't stop you!

Tours include:

  • Greater Wilderness Tour
  • Cruise Walk Combination
  • Grand Fan Palm Gallery Day Tour
  • 5 Hour Combination Package
  • And more!
Four Mile Beach

Port Douglas invites beachside lovers from all across Australia, with Four Mile Beach a frontrunner for the ultimate beach experience in North Queensland. As dictated in the title, this beach stretches for four miles and is the main beach for the Port Douglas township. With gorgeous glistening water and only a short walk from the centre of Port Douglas.

Once you enter the shoreline of Four Mile Beach, you'll feel as though you've found paradise, only that which you only imagined to be real in movies or a fantasy. With distinguished aqua waters and contrasting light sand, the camera will be in overdrive. Take a good portion of your day to enjoy this beach in all its glory!

Places To Eat

As Port Douglas is a major tourist hub in North Queensland, there's no wonder there are so many amazing dining experiences on the plate. You'll find there are a number of fine dining options, along with your standard cuisine choices. However, there are some rare highlights when it comes to Port Douglas caravanning food options ( it doesn't stop with a meal!).

Flames of the Forest
 29 Barrier Street, Port Douglas

Port Douglas is quite the dream location for anyone, but you if you're looking for the ultimate in magical experiences, think about dining at Flames of the Forest. When you arrive at Flames of Forest – you're in for more than just a bite to eat, instead it's a whole ‘other worldly' experience. Set amongst a rainforest backdrop, you'll immediately feel like your dining experience is one in a million. With exquisite lighting (torches, and chandeliers), welcoming staff, and fine meal choices, you won't regret visiting this rare restaurant. Elevate your Port Douglas caravanning adventure with mesmerizing lights and tasty delicacies.

You dining choices include two distinct themes:

  • Rainforest Dining Experience
  • Aboriginal Cultural Experience

It's not exactly your typical walk in feed, and you'll certainly need to consider which experience to undertake. Prices are not cheap, but this is entirely understandable when you take a look at what's involved and what you receive as a customer.

If you're interested in learning first hand about Aboriginal culture, with a tour, and hearty meal, then you should set your sights on the Aboriginal Cultural Experience. Or, if you're more interested in a romantic, relaxed, and up-market dining adventure, take on a six-course menu with the Rainforest Dining Experience.

Weddings and events are popular here at the Flames of the Forest, as the venue is visually spectacular.

One thing to note, if you have children, this is not your venue.

Sparrow Cafe
 1/39 Macrossan St, Port Douglas

While holidaying, many are still a slave to their caffeine cravings, and while we don't believe addicted behaviour is a plus, we can appreciate the taste of a good coffee. So, when Port Douglas caravanning, make a stop at the wholesome Sparrow Cafe. Many will agree, this is no ordinary cafe, in fact, the quality is outstanding, with rave reviews of the coffee – and we agree!

Sparrow Cafe serves up more than just coffee, you can find a nice snack, lunch, or breakfast.

Nautilus Restaurant
 17 Murphy Street, Port Douglas

How do we describe the Nautilus Restaurant? Well, it's definitely for those who're looking for decorative plating, light food options and relaxing ambience. You can choose to order from the A La Carte menu, or take a look at the Degustation menu, in which you can choose 5 or 7 courses. If you haven't experienced a degustation menu in your lifetime, this could be the perfect restaurant to take you on your first journey. Vegetarians will also be pleased with a specialist menu, not just a side of chips.

With beautiful year-round alfresco dining, you can eat while taking in the greater Port Douglas landscape.

What you can expect:

  • Twice Cooked Pork Belly
  • Giant King Prawn
  • Live Gulf Mud Crab
  • Lamb Rack
  • And more!
Places To Stay

Staying in style and comfort is easy as pie during your Port Douglas caravanning experience. Every corner of Port Douglas is scenic and this includes the caravan parks.

Tropical Breeze Caravan Park
 24 Davidson St, Port Douglas

With less than a minute walk to the great Four Mile Beach and just off the main street of Port Douglas, your tropical escape begins with Tropical Breeze Caravan Park.

With a perfectly appropriate name and plenty of sites for caravanners, you'll find this temporary home immensely blissful. If you're not feeling up for late night adventures in the township, you can still have a pleasant night in at this caravan park – and include a beach stroll at sunset.

  • 54 Powered Sites
  • 20 Camp Sites (also fits small campervans)
  • Coin Operated BBQ's
  • Camp Kitchen
  • Showers and Toilets Easily Accessible
  • Perfect Beachside Location
Glengarry Holiday Park Port Douglas
70 Mowbray River Rd, Port Douglas

A little bit further out from the central Port Douglas hub, but still extremely close to all highlights, the Glengarry Holiday Park is a tropical wonderland in itself, full of lively greenery. Close by you can enjoy the markets or visit the Wildlife Habitat/Sanctuary. When you're Port Douglas caravanning, this could be your perfect sanctuary!

  • Powered Ensuite Sites
  • Powered Sites
  • Grass Camping Sites
  • 2 Camp Kitchens
  • Lagoon Style Pool
  • TV Room
Additional Caravan Park Options

With so many great elements of this tropical wonderland, Port Douglas caravanning will be a holiday you won't forget – and will be forever dreaming about.