Phillip Island Caravanning

Melbourne residents should already know of this beautiful coastal island, which could almost be called a tourist island. Just 1 hour and 44 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, it’s a short trip for an activity filled escape. Phillip Island caravanning is the perfect way to spend the weekend (if you’re Melbourne local) or a week, but good luck making your stay a long one – it’s an incredibly busy ‘Place To Be’.

There’s no arguing that the best time to visit Phillip Island is during summer or the warmer months of the year. It’s the perfect location to catch some waves and become a beachside hermit for a short while. You’ll also have to accept the busy crowds flowing from end to end of the island, along with the neighbouring locations. Each segment of Phillip Island comes together to carry a united community atmosphere, in which you can easily immerse yourself.

Phillip Island is also quite the events hub, with many things happening at any one time. Everything from local markets to car racing at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, the spectrum is broad. We’d suggest you plan out your time to make the most of what’s happening around you, but Phillip Island doesn’t feel like a ‘planning’ sort of an area. Instead, you should indeed consider ‘going with the flow’.

How do you sum up the delights and personality of Phillip Island?

It’s all about having a good time, seeing the sights, and inhaling the ocean air.

Also, you can’t deny the talk of the island, the famous Penguin Parade! Many people will take the trip to Phillip Island just for the rare delight of seeing the march of these cute little creatures. Phillip Island caravanning will include many natural delights.

Phillip Island Penguin Parade
 1019 Ventnor Rd, Summerlands, Victoria 3922

Yes, we’re starting with the Penguins, because no trip to Phillip Island should be without this delightful experience. We hear about this Phillip Island attraction often, and so far, the reviews are spot on – according to us (which is by no means gospel). Whether you’re naturally inquisitive about the workings of animal behavior, or simply go with the notion that Penguins are adorable, you best book your Penguin Parade experience as soon you arrive (or before).

You have a few options when it comes to the Penguin Parade:

Self Guided Tickets

  • General Viewing
  • Penguins Plus
  • Underground Viewing

Ranger Guided Tours

Which allows you to listen to a knowledgeable representative, providing you a greater insight into the Penguins and their behaviour.

For more ticket options click here.

As you can see, the Penguin Parade can be enjoyed via many different avenues, but the frills don’t matter in the least, compared to the natural wonder of these waddling spectacles. When watching these little beings, you’re transported into a different state of being, touching upon a foreign and enchanting world. Strangely, you feel a calm distance from the Penguins, but at the same time, a small connection. Respecting the distance will enhance your experience – for some wonders within this world, must be kept that way.

Churchill Island Heritage Farm
 246 Samuel Amess Drive, Churchill Island, Newhaven 3925

Searching for a way to entertain the kids? Churchill Island Heritage Farm is the perfect way to show your children the delights of a farming lifestyle, which would be a strange concept to the urban standard. With this creative heritage attraction, you can literally be entertained all day long.

It’s not a typical farm – it is utilised as purely an attraction, but encompassing elements of farming in the best way possible, with a trip back in time. Everyone is bound to learn while enjoying the activities and displays. Also, just because we targeted kids in the first paragraph, doesn’t mean this place won’t capture the hearts of caravanning adults. Exploring the farm is intriguing, fun, and beyond the realms of your typical afternoon.

So how do you get here? And what’s on offer?

Churchill Island Heritage Farm is located in a separate mass of land just past the Phillip Island Nature Park, and across a bridge off Samuel Amess Drive.

Every day there is an array of daily farming activities:

  • Wagon Rides
  • Cow Milking
  • Whip Cracking
  • Working Dog Displays
  • Sheep Shearing

You must be interested in at least one or two of these farming related activities. Whip cracking is always quite astounding, and a definite highlight.
After all the exhausting farming work, you can take your much-needed relaxation time to the onsite café – where you can eat and enjoy the scenery.

No day is average when you're Phillip Island caravanning, and this farm is one reason why.

Winter Whale Cruise
 Cowes Jetty, Phillip Island, 11-13 The Esplanade, Cowes VIC

Whales, another beautiful sea creature we love to admire, and at Phillip Island, you can take Whale Watching off your bucket list. When it’s whale migration season Phillip Island is an ideal location to see a Humpback whale, and with Winter Whale Cruise, it can be a luxurious experience. Not only will you get the opportunity to bask upon the greatness of a Humpback whale, but also get a glimpse of our most loved frolicking sea creatures – dolphins.

Taking a cruise is enjoyable and allows you to unwind completely, but this cruise goes one better. Just because your Phillip Island caravanning experience is all about your caravan, doesn't mean you can't jump on a cruise for a day.

Places To Eat
Fig and Olive
115 Thompson Ave, Cowes

When you’re Phillip Island caravanning, you’ll be dining amongst a range of different age groups, and especially a young crowd at times. With the Fig and Olive restaurant, it’s all about modernity – striking the chords of both young and old. Don’t expect large portions of carb filled cuisines; instead you’ll be served dishes resembling those highlighted on MasterChef. Within this mellow modern environment, you can enjoy the delightful twists of Executive Chef, Alan Earle (who, might we add, has worked with fiery British chef Gordon Ramsay – but there’s no nightmare in sight).

Isola Di Capri
 2 Thompson Ave, Cowes

Where Italy meets coastal Victoria, Isola Di Capri will serve you up some gourmet pasta, and leave with the ice-cold delight of gelato. It’s located perfectly on the main strip of Phillip Island, but right at the end ocean side. With spectacular views begging for your attention, you could almost dine purely on location – but luckily the taste of Italy will accompany you.

You can choose from 3 distinct menus:

  • A La Carte
  • Pizza
  • Specials

Also – if you’re travelling with a caravanning ensemble, large bookings are available. Do book ahead – it’s a prime restaurant during the bustling Phillip Island evening. Who wouldn’t want to walk along the beach with a classic serving of Gelati in hand?

The Goat In The Boat
 69 Thompson Ave, Cowes

Yes, what an interesting name. Everything is tastefully quirky in Phillip Island, and this restaurant boasts a charm like no other. If you’re exhausted from a day frolicking along the Phillip Island beach culture, sitting down to a Mediterranean feast could be the right way to end your day – right?

If you’ve ever experienced Mediterranean culture or food, you know you’re in for some fun – and flavour! Let’s get your palette primed with a scattering of menu suggestions.

  • Santorini chicken (Mediterranean spiced chicken fillet with tomato sauce, olives, preserved lemon, couscous with flaked almonds & Greek yoghurt.
  • Pork Souvlaki marinated the traditional Greek way served with lemon potatoes & herbed feta, with lemon, dill, olive oil and Spanish onion.
  • Pork Souvlaki marinated the traditional Greek way served with lemon potatoes & herbed feta, with lemon, dill, olive oil and Spanish onion.

Beware plain eaters! The Goat In The Boat doesn’t have a subtle menu, so ensure you make your menu enquiries if you have intolerances, or just prefer a milder cuisine choice. Your Phillip Island caravanning adventure should taste brilliant!

Places To Stay
Cowes Caravan Park
 164 Church Street, Cowes

Beachfront accommodation anyone? If you decide to stay at Cowes Caravan Park, you can expect the benefits of beachside possibilities every single day, hour, or minute. Located right on the foreshore, it’s an ideal position for any beach loving caravanner. Not only is this caravan park right on the beach, but it’s also minutes away from the central part of town.

  • Beachfront Caravan Sites
  • Large Lawn Sites
  • Pets Allowed (Sites Only) During Off Peak Season
  • Boat Ramp
  • Budget Accommodation
  • Powered and Unpowered Sites

BIG4 Phillip Island Caravan Park
 24 Old Bridge Drive, Newhaven

Are you travelling with young children? Well, this caravan park is equipped to entertain all young ones, with everything from sporting equipment available, to a dedicated games room. Or, if you’re a travelling duo, there are plenty of features of the Big4 Phillip Island Caravan Park to enjoy – especially the beachside location.

You can even take advantage of the buggy hire!

  • Kiosk
  • Laundry with Washing Machines and Dryers
  • Clothesline
  • LPG
  • Non-Powered Sites
  • Drive Through Sites
  • Powered Sites
  • Giant Jumping Pillow
  • TV & Video Room
  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Basketball Ring
  • Volleyball Net

There are plenty of caravan parks in the Phillip Island, so make sure you do a little research to find the right one for your Phillip Island caravanning adventure.There are plenty of caravan parks in the Phillip Island, so make sure you do a little research to find the right one for your Phillip Island caravanning adventure.