Margaret River Caravanning

If you've never been to the Margaret River, you've most certainly heard about it – or it's wine.

Yes, this Western Australian gem is known for it's glorious wineries and extended region (Margaret River Region).However, there's a lot more to this locality than its Chardonnay, and you can certainly play with a robust itinerary. Margeret River caravanning will leave you in awe, and it's likely your travels will take you to neighbouring towns.
If you're going to travel to through this region of WA, your stopovers may end up as extended stays, which is the best kind of spontaneity.

With a luscious hill laden landscape, Margaret River is a delight for the eyes and senses. Whether you're looking for high adrenaline activities or just want to sit back and enjoy the beauties of nature, you can easily carve out your personal journey.

Although wine is significant on the ‘attractions' list of the Margaret River, you may also be aware of the surfing theme, current since the early 1930's, but rose to popularity in 1969.

Did you know?
The surfing Australian National Titles were held at Margaret River in 1969, with Australian surfing icons Nat Young and Wayne Lynch holding the coveted titles.

So as you can imagine, there are many sparkling areas of the coastline near to Margaret River, and you'll never get sick of the short drives toward the coastal spots. If you're looking for a calming escape when Margaret River caravanning, you won't be disappointed. Feel the light wind against your face while sitting peacefully on the white sand of Gas Bay beach, located on the coast of neighbouring town Prevelly.
Gas Bay is full of local surfing die hards, but you won't find it flooded with people. There are many beaches along the coast of the Margaret River region, and Gas Bay is one of the lesser-known hot spots – if you're not a surfer that is.

Photo: Shane_Watson

More beach ideas – why not?
When you've got the Margaret River to talk about, you can't escape directing your fellow caravanners right along the coastline. If you're willing to travel south or north of the entire Margaret River region, you'll fall in love with the beaches. So here's a few spots to keep an eye on if you're a traveller who loves the water…

You can travel ‘cape to cape' through the Margaret River region and create a never ending list of blissful beaches. Naming four doesn't quite cut it – but we must extend past the beaches.

The taste of Margaret River caravanning.

Often we talk about the delights of nature as a visual experience, but when you travel to Margaret River in your caravan, you also get the benefit of tasting nature. As briefly mentioned earlier, the Margaret River region – much like the town, is known for one thing, in particular, wine. Talk to anyone and it's just about certain you'll be hearing a list of fancy wines drizzling off the tongue. Even if you're not interested in the wine tasting – the beauty of the wineries can also be admired.

Margaret River is truly heaven for those partial to exploring their palette.

If you're looking for a way to enjoy the wineries in a more interactive and organised way, here's a handful of some great winery tours.

Cheers Winery and Scenic Tours

– for a mix of wine and scenery

Bushtucker River & Wine Tours

– 3 tours, allowing you to choose your taste

20 Auger Way, Margaret River W.A.

Top Drop Tours – book a private tour with the Best Tour Operator in Australia 

Bussell Hwy, Margaret River WA 6285, Australia

Wine tasting is a widely popular activity when holidaying and looking for a way to relax, but for some of us caravanners, it's just not enough. If you're looking to get right back into the grit of life – perhaps you'd like something you've never seen before? Achieving that ‘wow' moment on a caravan adventure isn't hard, and you're likely to find yourself in a permanent state of amazement the further you travel. So, let's leave the wine behind, and take an encapsulating adventure, into a whole different realm. Let's start discovering, with friends, family, and locals.

You can't visit an area such as Margaret River without seeking the truly unique elements of the surrounding landscape – why not a little trip beyond the surface?

Take a step out of reality – and straight into one of the many caves of Margaret River!

Throughout the extended Margaret River region, you'll find there are several caves, and for many this will be the star attraction of the area. If you've already experienced the mesmerising depths of a cave formation you should be quick to jump on the opportunity for further exploration – so start marking your map.

Choose to visit the Lake Cave and you'll be stepping into a crystal wonderland. When you enter this particular cave, you'll immediately be gasping at that array of natural crystals hanging from the ceiling. This feature of the cave is called the ‘suspended table' – and good luck finding anything like it. As you climb down into the depths of the Lake Cave, you'll be accompanied by a constant dripping noise, almost therapeutic for some.

Although this cave is smaller than other caves in Margaret River, it makes up for the smaller space with such intense formations.

 Caves RoadMargaret River, Western Australia 6285, Australia

Take A Tour!
Handy Hint/Warning: If you struggle with stairs, and not of average fitness, this could be a challenge. To get through the entirety of the cave, you need to go down approximately 300 steps.

Other caves in the Margaret River region: Jewel Cave, Mammoth Cave, and Ngilgi Cave.

It's density of attractions, and natural wonders surrounding Margaret River are incredible. You can be sitting outside your caravan looking at calm blue skies at sunrise, then adventuring during the day (in so many different ways – water, rocks, rivers, and bushland), and finally relaxing in the evening back where you belong. With mild to warm weather for the majority of the year, Margaret River is the ultimate getaway all year round.

Places to Eat

Just like the attractions, there are plenty of cuisines to choose from in Margaret River. Along with fine wine at every turn, you also have the pleasure of enjoying some hearty tucker from a local restaurant, and gorgeous snacks from wholesome cafes.

Arc of Iris –

When you're looking somewhere with a refined and modern menu in the evening. Did we mention the quirky interior? It's more than just food when you enter the Arc of Iris.

Mikis Open Kitchen
151 Bussel Highway, Margaret River WA

Japenese? If you're still craving some cultural delight, make a stop to Mikis Open Kitchen for some Japenese cuisine. All food crafted within an open style kitchen.

Temper Temper Fine Chocolate
131 Bussell Highway Margaret River

If you're cooking in the comfort of your caravan but still want to enjoy some Margaret River indulgence, this is the place for you. With a variety of delectable chocolate options, your taste buds will come alive! As this is a boutique chocolate shop, they aren't your $2 supermarket specials, but they're well worth the sneaky treat.

2 Rosa Brook Road, Margaret River
Places to Stay

Margaret River caravanning. It's all about taking a look at the location, considering the length of your stay, and doing a little bit of research. Here are some of your options:

Caravan Parks
Margaret River Caravan Park
44 Station Road Margaret River WA 6285
  • Powered Sites – Minium Stay 2 nights
  • Small Walk To Local Shops
  • Powered Sites
  • Tours Can Be Booked
Gracetown Caravan Park
Caves Rd & Cowaramup Bay Rd, Gracetown WA 6284

Riverview Tourist Park
8 Willmott Ave Margaret River
  • Powered and Unpowered Sites
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Camp Kitchen
  • 8 Metre Sites (Max)
Free Camps

Free camping is often the more attractive option when undergoing a caravan adventure, and we know why, so do you. It's all about the freedom, plus it's cheaper. You can still enjoy caravanning without the luxuries, sometimes all we need is our caravan and nature, the best mixture of life.

Bramley National Park – Wharncliffe Mill, Bramley National Park

Sues Bridge – Blackwood River National Park 20 mins from Margaret River