Kiama Caravanning

Kiama Caravanning

Many will argue that New South Whales have the best beaches, and when you're Kiama caravanning, you may get a taste of that very statement. In this coastal town, you can enjoy the small pleasures of beachside living and local rural delights. Kiama is about an hour and a half away from Sydney, with the pleasure of sitting amongst a beautiful rolling landscape. It is the ideal place for a short getaway, where you can spend afternoons at the beach and quiet nights adventuring around the quaint town area.

Those thinking about Kiama caravanning won't be disappointed, even if you prefer to make it a weekend getaway. You won't find endless attractions and fine dining, but what you will find is a spread of unique rarities.

Views around this area are special, with the land a portrait of perfection. You could easily spend an entire morning wandering through every corner of Kiama and falling in love with the surroundings.

A country escape, with the benefits of the coast.

One stand out feature of Kiama is the famous blowhole within the town, where nature has created an encapsulating oddity.

Kiama Blowhole

Nature has a way of surprising us humans every now and then. We're certainly not the only ones who believe nature will always be the most fascinating element on this earth. Once you see the absolute treasures on our very own Australian soil, you'll honestly forget how to enjoy man-made entertainment creations. No TV show could ever surpass the delights of nature's finest, and the blowhole in Kiama is one of many Aussie treasures.

It should be illegal to visit Kiama and ‘not' visit the blowhole. It's easily accessible to see and more entertaining than you might imagine. When you attempt to describe the blowhole to someone who hasn't seen it, don't expect a huge reception. People will tell you it ‘sounds interesting', but unless you've felt experienced it first hand, there is no way of conveying its' appeal.

When visiting this central Kiama attraction, you will be amongst many tourists.

Here's a small taste…but it doesn't compare to seeing it in person!

Minnamurra Rainforest
Location: Budderoo National Park, Minnamurra Falls Rd, Minnamurra

Although not directly in Kiama, the Minnamurra Rainforest is only about a 20-minute drive west. We would recommend a visit to the rainforest during your Kiama caravanning experience, with the luscious green wonderland beckoning nature lovers. Here you will be able to see a broad range of wildlife who call this rainforest home.

Minnamurra Rainforest is a popular attraction and perfect any day of the week. You can expect a tropical atmosphere, so be sure to wear light clothing. All you need to do is start your little rainforest adventure at the information centre, then follow on to the boardwalk. If you're interested in taking a longer hike, you can take a walk for up two hours.

Wildlife you may see:

  • Swamp Wallabies
  • Eastern Water Dragons
  • Lyrebirds
The Kiama Lighthouse
Location: Blowhole Point Rd, Kiama NSW

While you're checking out the Kiama blowhole, you should also take the time to visit the Kiama Lighthouse. It now stands as a museum but has a deep-rooted history dating back to establishment back in 1887. In the beginning, the lighthouse assisted in transporting crushed blue metal and paving blocks from Kiama to build the streets of Sydney.

Although you might find this lighthouse to be somewhat of a side note to other Kiama highlights, it's still an interesting sight and will be a positive inclusion to your Kiama caravanning adventure. If you're  a history enthusiast, you will get more out of this lighthouse than others.


Places To Eat

Kiama Pie Shop
Location: 3 Railway Pde, Shop 2, Kiama

Looking for a quick and tasty lunch? At Kiama Pie Shop you can find the pie of your dreams, with such a large selection of pastry delights. Every Australian loves a pie (if we're going to talk in broad terms), and there is nothing better than a swim at the beach followed by a hearty pie. Whether you're prepared to try a scallop pie, or just want a basic (yet flavoursome) meat pie, there is something for everyone. After a swim at the beach, we certainly don't want to wait 45mins for a meal at a restaurant, which is why this is a perfect post-swim cuisine.

El Corazon Cocina de Mexico
Location: 6 Terralong StKiama

When Kiama caravanning you will become acquainted with many of the local cafes, but we feel as though we must mention the option of Mexican for tea, specifically El Corazon Cocina de Mexico. When you think about it, there is only so much seafood in which one can indulge during a certain time period, which is why a Mexican feast could be in order?

We're not just talking plain tacos and margaritas, there are plenty of dishes to be enjoyed.

You'll be enjoying:

  • Pulled Pork Quesadilla
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Flying Fajitas
  • Snapper Fillet
  • Banquet Menu – for those who're after a taste of everything!


Blue Diamond Bar & Bistro
Location: 38 Shoalhaven Street, Kiama

If you're travelling with young kids in tow, or just seeking out a laid back environment to enjoy a pub style meal, think Blue Diamond Bar & Bistro. Here you'll get stunning oceans views, plus the opportunity to eat at a good price. You can either decide to go for the Tapas menu, or select from the wide choices of cuisine. Some of us feel the craving for pub food after a long hard day (even if that day has involved long hard enjoyment) and the Blue Diamond Bar & Bistro will deliver the goods.

Places To Stay

Surf Beach Holiday Park
Location: 20 Bourroul Street, Kiama NSW 2533

Everyone wants a beach-front location, on every holiday. If you're Kiama caravanning, your ideal location would have to be the Surf Beach Holiday Park. Situated right in front of Kiama's main beach, you can make the most of a morning beach dip, or causally stock back and forth during the day. Kiama is the place to go when you're desperately searching for refreshing beachside sessions and simply want to leave mainland troubles behind – which easy with a base at Surf Beach Holiday Park.

Choosing the right time of year to visit this park could be vital, depending on your budget. You'll notice there are varied prices for different seasons and this can certainly alter your plans, if you're planning ahead with a set budget.

  • Powered Sites
  • Unpowered Sites
  • Ensuite Sites
  • Resort Style Swimming Pool
  • Games Room and More!

Click here for a handy virtual tour!


Big 4 Easts Beach Holiday Park
Location: Ocean St, Kiama NSW 2533

In a place like Kiama, it's probably important to have the word ‘beach' in your business name – especially a tourist or holiday park. Clinging on to the same highlights as other caravan parks in the area, the Big 4 Easts Beach Holiday Park is set upon another shoreline location. Big 4 is a chain we all recognise, but maybe won't all agree upon when it comes to quality. With all big chain holiday parks, there are uniform standards and facilities, which is comforting for many first time caravanners. Once you begin your caravanning adventure throughout Australia, you will eventually find your favourite parks and be able to give concise reviews.

At the Big 4 Easts Beach Holiday Park the natural aesthetics are gorgeous, along with the lagoon style pool. Under coloured lights, and after a swim at the beach, you can slip back into the park's pool. You really have the best of both worlds.

  • Ensuite Sites (your own private bathroom!)
  • Powered Sites
  • Pool
  • Massage Studio
  • Jumping Pillow
  • Children's Playground