Katherine Caravanning

Everyone dreams about travelling to the Top End and Katherine is a great place to start. Only an hour from the Northern Territory's iconic Kakadu National Park, Katherine is often the base for Top End exploration. Located amongst small towns of Venn, Barunga, Elsey, Pine Creek and more.

Much like other areas of the Northern Territory you can expect dry heat, stunning desert landscapes, and gorges galore. It's all about natural beauty when you arrive in Katherine, with adventurous terrain to explore and guided tours for all. If you're a young family looking for some physical activity, there are many great walking trails and swimming opportunities.

Do you want to know the best time to travel? Well, with two distinguished weather seasons ‘Wet' and ‘Dry', take your pick. During the wet season ( November -April), you'll face a few more obstacles if you're looking to explore every natural crevice of amazement. You don't want to be stuck in your caravan for perhaps days on end during a storm. Although, you'll find a lot of people do travel during this season to enjoy some truly wonderful natural sights set amongst crazy weather backdrops. If you travel during the dry season (May – October) then you'll face consistently warm days, which is perfect for swimming in the natural waters in Katherine.

A highlight, and almost the main travel attraction, of Katherine, is the Nitmiluk National Park.

Nitmiluk National Park – natural beauty in every corner
 Gorge Road, Nitmiluk NT

Visiting Katherine cannot be complete without exploring the different aspects of the Nitmiluk National Park. You can sleep, swim, picnic, frolic, and hike all through this 292,800 hectare National Park. Owned by Jawoyn Aboriginal people, this park remains deeply enriched with ancestral history, and in most parts untouched.

A lot of the activities through the Nitmiluk National Park can be undertaken via Nitmiluk Tours.

  • Canoeing
  • Cruises
  • Helicopter Flights
  • Walking Tours

Gorge Cruises – the relaxing way to be mesmerised

One activity for everyone would be undertaking one of the Gorge Cruises offered through Nitmiluk Tours. This leaves you to relax whilst travelling on the Katherine River, and there are several options available. If you want to see 3 gorges, 2 gorges (with some historical knowledge), morning exploration, or a ferry adventure, the options are beyond amazing. As you can expect, undertaking a cruise is a popular way to explore the landscape and waters, so make sure you book as soon as possible to secure the right time for your preferences. Undertaking a cruise is a hassle free experience, and the views will make your entire Katherine caravanning trip worth it.

  • Timeless Land 3 Gorge Cruise
  • Dawn Cruise
  • Nit Nit Dreaming 2 Gorge Cruise
  • Nabilil Dreaming Sunset River Cruise

Whether you choose to explore Nitmiluk National Park by canoe, by foot, or by cruise, there will be little disappointment. If you're fit, then it's certainly worth undertaking a walking trail, or canoeing through the gorges.

As part of your exploration of Nitmiluk National Park, you'll get see the well known Katherine Gorge (with people already set out to investigate this natural wonder, despite anything else).

Not ready for another day exploring the rough Northern Territory landscape? Well, how about a wholesome some local community activity? If you head to the Katherine Country Club you can take a break from the outback landscape and have a round of golf – along with a some quiet drinks afterwards.

Fees: The fees for non-members are $15 for nine holes and $20 for 18 holes

Or perhaps you're interested in some lawn bowls?

Social Competitions:

‘Social Bowls are played Tuesday (Jackpot Pairs) and Sunday mornings (Scroungers). Tuesday evening play is $6 per person; please have you name in by 6 pm for a 6.30pm start. Sunday morning is $5 per person; names in by 8 am for an 8.30am start, or enjoy the Katherine Country Club's Buffet Breakfast from 7 am until 10 am and bowl for free. All equipment supplied for free.'

With every town, there's a history. Katherine has its own museum, full of several elements, and spanning across decades. As you may expect, the indigenous facet is strong, with many artefacts stored throughout the museum, allowing you to learn more about aboriginal culture. Young families, grey nomads, and couples will find something of interest.

Places To Eat

Finding a place to eat in Katherine won't be an issue, but there isn't an endless array of restaurants in the area. Modernity hasn't flushed its way through this Northern Territory town. However, the are delights all the same, and a few flashes of delicate modern cuisines.

Savannah Bar and Restuarant
Cnr Giles & Cameron Street, Katherine

Located at the Knotts Crossing Resort, this restaurant sits comfortably amongst the scenic accommodation and function site. Many people are hesitant about ‘eating in' at their accommodation restaurant, but no such worry should be apparent, there's a lot on offer. You'll find many people visit the Savannah Bar and Resturant, even those not staying at Knotts Crossing Resort.

Sugarbag Cafe
Gorge Road, Nitmiluk Visitor Centre, Nitmiluk National Park, Katherine

If you're at the Nitmiluk Visitor Centre, this is the perfect spot for a bite to eat. With gorgeous views in the alfresco eating area, the food is merely a side dish (not to say the food is anything below par). When you're in Katherine, the views are a central to the overall experience and getting national park views while eating is perfect.

Silver Screen Cafe
20 First Street, Katherine

Large hearty portions, homestyle lunch and snacks. Silver Screen Cafe isn't your modern city eatery, but its style will suit many looking for an affordable and tasty meal. You don't need fancy all the time, but if you're a fussy eater looking for a vast menu with multiple cuisines and vegetarian options, this isn't the place to go. To be fair, Katherine in itself isn't known for its modern restaurants and MasterChef portions.

Katherine Country Club/ The Country Bistro
40 Pearce St – just off Victoria Hwy, Katherine

Just a little out of the centre of town you'll happen across the Katherine Country Club, where you can golf by day, and dine at night. With opening seven days a week for lunch and dinner, you can most certainly come back for more. Sunday is a breakfast special, with a buffet style menu on offer.

Places To Stay

Katherine is a popular Northern Territory destination, where many flock from all over Australia – which is why the area is adequately set-up with places to stay. Katherine caravanning is a unique experience, and it's likely you'll be set-up for at least a few days – depending on how much you want to see of the naturally exquisite landscape.

Big4 Katherine Holiday Park
20 Shadforth Road, Katherine

When you visit the Northern Territory, you're exposing yourself to a dry and unforgiving land, which means you're likely going to want all the comfort you need when setting up for a night. At the Big4 in Katherine, you have the right amount of modernity and facilities.

  • Pool and Spa
  • Internet Kiosk
  • Away from the Highway
  • Powered and Unpowered Sites
  • Car Parking
  • No Pets Allowed
Shady Lane Tourist Park
257 Gorge Road, Katherine, NT 0851

Only 6 mins out of the main bustle (if you can call the town centre in Katherine ‘the main bustle') is the Shady Lane Tourist Park. As the name suggests, this tourist park boasts leafy relaxation. Getting any amount of shade in Katherine is pure relief, as the scorching temperature can become overwhelming for some. It's also located next to Maud Creek Country Lodge.

  • Powered Sites (with concrete annexe slabs, access to the internet, free gas BBQ's and campers kitchen)
  • Camp Kitchen
  • No Pets Allowed
  • Tour Info/Book Service
  • Free Gas Barbeques
Nitmiluk Caravan Park
Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge), Gorge Road

If you're in Katherine than you can't escape visiting Nitmiluk Gorge, where you can enjoy not only the wonders of the gorge itself but also stay right beside the beauty. From this accommodation site, you can jump directly on a cruise boat.

  • Powered and Unpowered Sites
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Boat Ramp
  • Communal Shower