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Yes, certain models in our range are custom. We have 3 stages regarding the custom build process. Firstly, choose the layout that suits your needs, secondly, choose all the features to suit your travelling needs and finally select your colours. We place all of this together to build a caravan that suits exactly the type of travelling you require. You will be amazed at the options available with a Paramount caravan.

Any caravan in our range can be upgraded to better handle the Australian outback via made and gazetted dirt roads. Some of these options would include suspension upgrades, chassis upgrades, coupling and more. Refer to our Outback Disclosure Statement for full Terms and Conditions.

Most of our range, excluding the Signature series, can be built in a pop-top up to 18 feet in length. This option is popular for those needing to store the caravan at home, whereby there may be restrictions in height. Many may simply like the towing option of a pop-top over a caravan.

Paramount has quite an extensive family caravan range. This includes models like the Paramount Xtenda, where the beds fold out to keep the overall size of the caravan and towing vehicle down. The next model is the Signature Series, whereby we have hand-selected 3 of the most popular layouts. There’s also the Adventurer for those wanting to build a custom top of the range family caravan. The Adventurer range will suit those with specific needs in relation to sleeping arrangements along with travelling requirements.

Part of the Paramount lineup is the Paramount Tuff Mudda, which is our custom range in the toy hauler market. The Tuff Mudda range starts from 17’6 through to 28’. We can customise the overall length to suit your storage space and the equipment you need to bring on your adventure, such as wheelchairs, motorbikes, kayak’s, mountain bikes & quad bikes. Unlike many other toy hauler brands, we can also offer slide outs, expanding front beds and internal fixed beds.

Your first port of call should always be your selling dealer. Your dealer is there to help with any troubleshooting or warranty concerns. Your dealer will then liaise with us here at Paramount or the appropriate supplier to work out the best course of action if required. All warranty works need to be approved prior to completion to ensure they will be covered. Failure to do so could result in voiding the warranty or refund of works completed.

Paramount caravans supply an Australia wide 12 month warranty in accordance with consumer law on all new Paramount caravans. A further 3 year limited AWN warranty is provided on the caravan’s structure of all new paramount caravans to provide a total of 4 years. Appliances carry their own periods of cover that need to be read & understood prior to making any sound purchases. Additional warranties & periods of cover are available on the caravan & selected appliances through our dealer network. Please refer to our Warranty Disclosure for our terms and conditions.

Paramount caravans and our selling dealers are the best port of call in the unlikely event you have an accident with your caravan. Simply call your insurance company and request that your manufacturer or dealer are the preferred repairer of your caravan. This way, your caravan is fixed with genuine Paramount parts. No one knows your caravan better than we do!

Paramount and our dealer network are more than happy to help our customers with any upgrades or alterations you might need, such as an addition of a diesel heater or upgrading the battery system. By using Paramount or our dealer network, you are keeping all warranties intact & getting the peace of mind that your caravan is in great hands.

All new Paramount caravans require a visual inspection that can be carried out by the customer between 100 to 300km. The second service is between 1000km or 3 months and should be carried out by an authorised agent. This, by far, is the most important service to ensure all items are wearing correctly and any minor warranty items can be carried out at the same time. The major service is to be carried out at 10,000km or 12 months. All maintenance items will be supplied in your handover booklet. This will complete the Paramount warranty in which the consumer will move into the AWN warranty from year 2. Under the AWN obligation by the customer, all servicing should be carried out every 10,000km or 12 months. Each service is required by AWN to be uploaded to the online portal. Customers must be aware of their obligation under the warranty terms and conditions to ensure they provide a preventative maintenance schedule. Failure to do so could result in the termination of your warranty. For further information, please refer to the Service Schedule.