Eden Caravanning

Sitting humbly on the lower end of the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales, Eden is just as pleasant as it sounds. It's funny how a name can truly reflect the personality and atmosphere of a location. Could it be a representation of the ‘Garden of Eden'? Indeed, one could argue this town has a pleasant aurora, possibly replicating this garden.

Apart from an extremely enticing name, Eden does plate up a whole lot courses for us caravan folk, with beautiful landscapes and activities galore. After visiting this town, you'll be talking about Eden caravanning delights to all your companions.

Many areas of the Sapphire Coast boast breathtaking coastal views, and caravanning in Eden will allow you soak up more than a few. Upon arrival, this town will immediately work its magic, with the visuals an enormous element of attraction. We all want to place our caravans somewhere pleasing to the eye, and in some cases, this can be the core component.
When choose to explore Eden you'll be suitably impressed by contrasting elements of the town, from crashing waves to rugged hills.

Many will visit Eden for it's excellent beaches and associated oceanic qualities. If you love the beach life, you'll love the culture of this NSW town.
So what's related to the ocean that's exciting? Well, let us tantalise your pallet.


Although not something you can directly experience, Eden's history is directly related to it's coastal location. Whaling was a huge aspect of this town, with the first whales killed in the 1790's – which then flourished into a commercial industry. The migration of whales through this area was perfect for whaling activities, but the practice of whaling did die out during the 1920's.

Learning about history alone isn't always highly entertaining, or worth a caravan trip, but if you're heading to Eden it's well worth checking out the Killer Wale Museum.

Eden Killer Wale Museum
184 Imlay St, Eden, NSW 2551

As mentioned above, visiting the Killer Wale Museum is a fruitful experience – or at least a significant attraction to consider landing upon. Here you can learn about the whaling history of the town, and see some old relics, including a Killer Whale skeleton ( if that's at all of interest?).

The above video we provide a small taste of Eden and the Killer Whale Museum. When looking for your next caravan adventure, a video is an excellent way to scope out the locations!

If you're caravanning in Eden with your family, the next attraction is most enjoyable, but that doesn't mean you can't visit alone.

Continuing from the coastal, aquatic, oceanic, beach theme of Eden…

The Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre
 253 Imlay Street, The Wharf Building, Snug CoveEden

Education can be fun – don't we all remember that line from our childhood? Well, believe it. If you're interested in marine life (those curious creatures under the surface of the sea), this centre can deliver golden levels of fascination, depending on your level of interest of course.With a mixture of displays, education, and even snorkelling ( for those who need more of sensory experience), you'll find this a great stop through your Eden caravanning exploration.

Although Eden is a coastal abode in most respects, there is the opportunity to reimmerse yourself with the beauties of green life, and earthy colourings. Every caravanner loves a National Park, and the Ben Boyd National Park is no exception.

Ben Boyd National Park
Edrom Road

Only a little bit out of Eden you'll fall in love with this coastal National Park, with so many great spots to take your caravan, and inhale the bare bones of beauty. An abundance of parking will leave you feeling just a little bit spoilt but allows for many explorers to undertake their ongoing adventure. Here you get the best-rugged landscape, but with the oddly enthralling sound of crashing waves, which is a true draw card of the coast. So if you're into fishing, BBQ's, and picnics, (who isn't!) then make sure you visit Ben Boyd National Park.




With so many tours, scenic delights, and amenities, it's hardly excusable not to visit this park. It really has something for everyone – the perfect cliche. Although it's not at all like anything you've seen before, it's unique and has its own distinct charm. Or maybe you'll find it reminds you of somewhere else – let us know!

As a location in itself, Eden is quite a buzzing little town and contains great community spirit. Behind the tourist elements, you'll love feeling as though you're apart of a new home, if only for a small time.

Do you want to know about the essence of the community and its people? You need only see the internal groups, creativity, culture, and social activity.

So for your next stop in NSW, make sure you visit the ‘The Garden of Eden' – no, actually we mean Eden, NSW. You'll find the perfect fusion of all the right elements. Eden caravanning will take you places, literally, and spiritually (if you're so inclined).

Places To Eat
Sprout Eden
 134 Imlay StreetEden NSW 2551

Open: Breakfast and Lunch

If you're looking for a cute breakfast and lunch date venue – this may be the right slice of heaven. With fresh produce and some boutique options, the tasty options are endless. Keep in mind you this is an organic style cafe.

Costa's Seafood Resturant
 Upstairs, Wharf Building, Eden Wharf

Open: Tuesday – Sunday 6pm -10.30pm

Now, what about some of the best natural produce from the Eden coast? Yes, seafood is definitely a speciality, and this particular restaurant has a vast menu.

For more options check out Trip Advisors Top Ten!

Places To Stay
Caravan Parks + Alternate Accommodation
Eden Gateway Holiday Park
99 Princes Highway Eden

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Dogs: ‘No dogs are allowed during December / January School Holiday period.  At all other times of the year we are dog-friendly'

Eden Tourist Park
Aslings Beach Road, Eden

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They also have a blog, if you're interested in getting further insight.
Dogs: Small dogs are allowed at this park.

Twofold Bay Beach Resort
 731 Princes Highway Eden NSW 2551

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