Coffin Bay Caravanning

Set right on the corner of the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia, this small coastal retreat awaits. Coffin Bay is a lot more lively than its name, with crowds flocking to the coastline during the mild weather. Although Coffin Bay is only a small area, it doesn't mean there aren't things to keep you busy, especially if you're open to a little exploration on foot. If you're considering a Coffin Bay caravanning trip – stop considering! You may feel as though it's more of a day trip than anything else, but you can't travel through the Eyre Peninsula region without a glimpse of Coffin Bay.

What you'll love about this small town is the infinite variety of beaches available for relaxation, with some more habitable than others. So if you're seeking an afternoon delight, visit the calm waters of Crinolin Point, one of the local beaches in Coffin Bay.

If you're a lover of oysters – well you're certainly in for a treat, this is a speciality here in Coffin Bay. Many people will know Coffin Bay for its famous oyster treats, but arguably the best feature of Coffin Bay is the Coffin Bay National Park. When we say arguably, we're pretty confident it's the number one attraction.

Coffin Bay National Park
Access:  Flinders Highway is via Coffin Bay Road.

Spanning 309km, this National Park takes up an enormous chunk of the Coffin Bay locality. You won't find anything more interesting in Coffin Bay than this vast parkland, where you'll find perfect fishing spots, excellent walking trails, and picnic spots. It's important to note that most areas of the National Park can only be travelled by high clearance 4WD vehicles, as the terrain varies significantly through the park. You can go from flat sandy beaches to high reaching sand dunes and dirt roads. Make sure you've packed a good amount of food and drink before adventuring off into this National Park.

As mentioned above, there are some pristine areas to set up for a picnic, and it's a well worth it lunch idea. Or if you're more interested in some leisurely physical activity, check out your walking trail options.

Walking through Coffin Bay National Park (in under an hour)
  • Yangie Bay Hike
  • Yangie Lookout Walk
Or hiking? Some caravanning folk won't be able to undertake the hiking opportunities – but we know some will, if only that means a few more rest breaks.
  • Yangie Island Hike
  • Black Springs Well Hike
  • Black Rocks Hike

What else can you get up to within this parkland? Well, for those who're keen kayakers, this is your spot! Or if you're looking for a quiet place to fish, you'll also be able to find your little piece of paradise.

Contact Information for Coffin Bay National Park
Coffin Bay National Park (+61 8) 8688 3111

General park enquiries:
 (+61 8) 8204 1910

Coffin Bay Explorer
P.O Box 155 Coffin Bay

If you've set up your caravan in Coffin Bay, you've obviously got some affinity to the ocean and beach. So why not take your interest one step further by exploring the bay on the renowned Coffin Bay Explorer – a cruise/tour which expands your Coffin Bay experience.

Jump on a tour and you'll get the chance to come face to face with some amazing creatures! Dolphins are one the of many creatures you should meet along the way on the trip, and that in itself is a holiday amazement.

Your host will also provide you some local knowledge of the marine life, along with some oyster-rich information. Plus the cruise will take you to the oyster farms in the area.

Pristine Oyster Farm – 26 Lawrie Road, Coffin Bay SA 5607

Pure Coffin Bay Oysters – 9 Martindale St, Coffin Bay SA 5607

Natural Oysters – 42 Coffin Bay South Australia 5607

Coff ‘n' Putt
 2 Flinders Ave, Coffin Bay

If you've been adventuring through the Coffin Bay National Park, it's possible you're a little out of breath or need a day that's a bit more low key. Luckily enough, we do have something in mind. How about a round of mini-golf? It may sound a little bit like a kid's thing, which will suit many families, but if you're grey nomad, you'll still get a kick out of this tricky course.

With 18 holes to beat your opponent, you can make it a competitive shout for lunch, or simply a leisurely activity for the morning. It's not as easy as it looks or sounds, or maybe it is? Better take the time to visit this place to find out, perhaps?

If you're looking for somewhere with gleaming beaches, family adventures, or secret hideaway locations, Coffin Bay is an ideal locality.  You won't find a million places to eat or even a long list of activities to join, but there's just enough of what you need – but so much more. Words cannot merely describe the scenic wonderland of Coffin Bay.

Places to Eat

In the immediate area of Coffin Bay, there is a small variety of local restaurants and eateries that will satisfy your hunger pangs. Whether you're looking for a quick meal to take back to your caravan, or would like to eat out, there will be something that takes your fancy. When you're on your Coffin Bay caravanning trip, it's all about eating by the bay, which you'll find most of the eateries featured (or at least very close to the bay).

Coffin Bay Pizza and Homemade Food
 Harder St, Coffin Bay

There's not many that don't appreciate a piece of Italy now and then, even if it is an overbearingly typical cuisine in most parts of Australia.

You'll find this small little restaurant just off the coastline of Coffin Bay. What's unique about this restaurant is that it does not only delectable savoury Italian but also sweets and pastries. Catering for events is also available.

1802 Oyster Bar and Bistro
 61 Esplanade, Coffin Bay

If you're looking for someone to grab a glorious modern cuisine, with stunning views across the water, 1802 Oyster Bar and Bistro will deliver the goods. With top quality seafood variations, make sure you reserve a table ahead time. If you're not into seafood, this won't be your ideal eatery, although there are other options available.

Coffin Bay Yacht Club
Location: Esplanade Coffin Bay SA 5607

Hearty, affordable, and with a trademark community feel. This description solidifies the personality and meal choices available at the Coffin Bay Yacht Club. Sit on a table by the window and you can also take the benefit of gorgeous bay views. With a more homestyle feel, anyone will appreciate this humble eatery. All the workers here are volunteers, so you know you have wonderful people serving you a comforting meal. Us caravan folk will always love the spirit of community – as we're all in together, this wild adventure.

Open only Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Beachcomber Agencies
Location: 113 EsplanadeCoffin Bay

Seafood is definitely the cuisine to choose when you're Coffin Bay caravanning, and this goes with the gorgeous pickings at Beachcomber Agencies. Again, on the main Esplanade, the location is superb. Many rave about the fresh oysters and King George Whiting, so make sure you take a moment to consider these options strongly. Oysters, not a fan? Well, this menu is versatile. Not only is the menu versatile, but also the services – this place is also a stop for petrol! If you think the combination is a bit strange, you're right, but don't let that stop you!

Open seven days a week!

Places To Stay
Coffin Bay Caravan Park
 91 Esplanade, Coffin Bay SA 5607

With an excellent location right near the bay, this central caravan park will leave you everything you need while on your trip. Capacity is huge for this caravan park, who hold 130 sites. If you don't want to mingle too much, you can probably get comfortably lost amongst the crowd. Due to the location, it's a sure bet that this park will be busy during peak periods. If you're bringing the whole family clan, there's a small adventure playground to entertain the young ones.

  • Powered Sites
  • Unpowered Sites
  • BBQ & Playground
  • Two Amenity Blocks
  • Camp Kitchen
Coffin Bay National Park – Yangie Bay Campground
 Access via Flinders Highway

If you're a caravanner who doesn't need the amenities of a fully serviced caravan park, then highly consider taking your caravan to Coffin Bay National Park. This national park is vast and remarkable, so why not just stay the night? Without a doubt, you'll be seeing this National Park at some point ( it should be on your attractions list/itinerary), but this way you get to escape totally into the wonders of a very natural habitat.


  • 13 unpowered sites
  • Bush + coastal setting
  • Walking trails available from this site