Busselton Caravanning

Busselton Caravanning

Busselton, WA, a coastal delight for your next summer adventure. When you choose Busselton caravanning, you’re choosing relaxation and intrigue. Located about 3 hours drive from Perth, the escape is certainly worth travelling any distance. Here you’ll be amongst dazzling blue ocean waters and warm skies.

It almost doesn’t matter what time of the year you visit this shoreline locality, as the weather remains mild all year long and reaches peak warmth during summer. Obviously, summer is the best time to frolic on the beach, but it certainly doesn’t affect you visit if you decide to land another season during the year.

Water based activities will keep fit and active visitors busy, along with those who just desire a good fishing spot. Others can enjoy everything from scuba diving to windsurfing if that takes your fancy.

Busselton was one of the first settlements in Western Australia and to this day elements of the town boast this historical past. Every town has a history, but not all have the history displayed and ready to re-visit. With this to consider, you’re not only stepping into a beach holiday location, but you also get the opportunity to appreciate and ingest a fascinating past.

So where do the highlights begin when Busselton caravanning?

A jetty? Really?

Well, this is no ordinary jetty, in fact, it’s heritage listed. It’s an impressive structure, which extends out onto Geographe Bay. When we say it ‘extends’ we do mean it, with a distance covering 1.8 kilometers. Being able to experience the waters around the jetty, from the jetty, is an incredible and surreal event.

To make the most of inspecting the Busselton Jetty, you have a few options that include taking Jetty Train, or descending into the Underwater Observatory.

Jetty Train

Hope on the jetty train, and you can travel right along the jetty in the comfort of an open window train. On a sunny day, it is an incredible choice of activity, and you may also see some majestic dolphins flowing through the sea.

Your other option…

When Busselton caravanning, we highly recommend this experience!

What can you expect to see?

  • Coral
  • Fish
  • Invertebrates
Although the exterior of the Busselton Jetty is awe inspiring, what’s beneath the jetty is a whole other wonder. At the Underwater Observatory, you will be able to go 8 metres below the surface and go between eleven viewing windows. When you visit a coastal town, you certainly don’t expect this level of intimate viewing of ocean life, unless you’re scuba diving, where this can act as an alternative for some.
Busselton Museum
‪Old Butter Factory, Peel Terrace, Busselton

Visiting a museum isn’t for everyone, but the Busselton Museum is quite the delightful surprise. Here you can play with a whole hectare of exploration, with the museum divided between machinery and settlement. If you do visit this museum, you’ll be getting an insight into Busselton’s varied historical elements, from maritime history to the important agricultural aspect.

What makes this experience more than just reading or listening is the range of physical exhibits. You can see old equipment, photographs and memorabilia.

Visiting this museum is the perfect outing for the family, or grey nomads, as the enjoyment prospects are multi-faceted. It’s only a coastal town museum, which may leave you with little expectation, but it soars beyond any initial thoughts.

Places To Eat

When you’re Busselton caravanning, you’ll find a myriad of choice when it comes to refreshments and flavour packed cuisines. With so many ways to spend your day in this tranquil beachside environment, you’re most likely going to be tired and craving some tasty sustenance!

Here we have a few menu highlights situated in the Busselton locality, all which deliver a particular satisfaction. Are you interested in modern and creative delicacies? Or perhaps a fresh bite from the sea? Not to worry, your preference is awaiting in Busselton.

The Goose Beach Bar + Kitchen
Geographe Bay Rd, Busselton

Located right beside the famous Busselton Jetty, boasting ocean views, is The Goose Beach Bar + Kitchen. You won’t find a more relaxed, sauvé and friendly place to satisfy your taste buds. If you’re thinking about eating out here during the evening, be prepared for ultimate relaxation under the care of a perfectly lit restaurant.

An ideal location means this eatery holds regular functions and a carries a cheerfully social vibe. If you’re interested in a simple dish, consider revising a trip to The Goose Beach Bar + Kitchen.

Menu Highlights
  • Pork & Venison Terrine & Maffra Cheddar fruit relish, pickle, toast
  • Vietnamese Calamari Papaya Salad shallots, mint
  • White Anchovy Pizza cherry tomato, chilli, basil, mozzarella
Laundry 43

Hip youngsters will immediately be drawn to the abstract title of this Busselton restaurant, but it’s well worth the attraction. Fine dining is exactly what you’ll receive at Laundry 43, with light portions, exquisite presentation design and unusual flavour combinations. Your palette is definitely in for a journey, but we’re almost certain it’ll be a pleasant one – if not amazing!

Older Busselton caravanning adventurers shouldn’t be put off by the intense modernity and cuisine options; it’s an experience worth consideration.

With terms such as ‘Gastronomy’ and ‘mixologists’ – expected the unexpected. Expect originality.

Menu Highlights
  • Degustation Menu – an extraordinary adventure in itself
  • Duck liver parfait, onion jam, crisp toasts + sourdough, pickles
  • Chicory brûlée with chocolate madeleines, caramelia and
    chocolate ice cream
  • Roast loin and sausage of Venison with salt baked celeriac, kale, spaetzli and pepper veloute
We understand a simple and hearty meal is in order some nights during your caravan trip, but there also calls a time for your naturally adventurous spirit to re-direct towards your plate.
 Holgate Street, Busselton

Now we’ve touched upon the fanciest feasts in the area, how about less flair, and more simplicity for your Busselton caravanning experience? (Not to say flair is all offered from the above eateries, but there are some who intentionally veer toward a simpler creation – and bigger portions!).

At Stilts, you’re provided a more straightforward menu, full of many great classics with a twist, plus some endearing sides. Although the fine dining level isn’t as extreme as Laundry 43, you’ll still find the presentation delicate and the menu modern, a far cry from your standard pub meal.

Menu Highlights
  • Pesto Mushroom Linguine
  • Salt and Pepper Squid
  • Chicken Parma Pizza
Places To Stay

Busselton caravanning is quite popular, which is why you’ll find there is quite an array of caravan parks in the area. Many of the parks are located off the same highway and central to town facilities.

Busselton Villas and Caravan Park
163 Bussell Hwy, Busselton WA

At the Busselton Villas and Caravan Park you’re placed alongside the beach shoreline, with a shopping centre right across the road. If you’re planning on cooking in your caravan park, this shopping centre access will be quite the treat. You’ll also have access to Geographe Bay, where many ocean activities take place and can be enjoyed.

  • Powered Sites – on the beachside (able to take up to a 22ft caravan per site)
  • Modern BBQ Facilities
  • Below Ground Swimming Pool
  • Playground
Amblin Holiday Park
Bussell Hwy, Broadwater WA

Located on the same strip as the previous caravan park, the Amblin Holiday Park is just a few kilometers west. At this caravan park, you’re also able to access Geographe Bay, just a different section. One of the main highlights of this caravan park is the heated indoor swimming pool, where many will enjoy the pleasant change to outdoor pool set-ups. Kids along for Busselton caravanning adventure will enjoy the adventure playground.

Amblin Holiday Park believes with all the facilities offered, plus an ideal beach location; you would call your stay ‘glamping’. We’ll leave it up to you to decide.

  • Ensuite Sites
  • Powered Sites
  • Boom Gate Security
  • Direct Beach Access
  • Campers Kitchen
  • FREE Gas BBQ’s
Big 4 Beachlands Busselton
10 Earnshaw Rd, West Busselton

Just a little bit out of the main hustle and bustle, is the Big 4 Beachlands Busselton, fit for your caravan. At this particular holiday park, you have a lot of entertainment options for the kids, which is why this is the perfect base for travelling families. As described on their website, they hold ‘resort facilities’, which is quite accurate – with a special mention to the expansive solar heated playground, perfect for long summer days. Big 4 certainly packed this park full of enjoyable extras!

  • Ensuite Sites
  • Powered Sites – fit for caravans up to 24ft length
  • Wireless Internet
  • Giant Jumping Pillow
  • Solar Heated Pool
  • Pedal Kart Hire
  • TV & Video Room
  • Table Tennis