Broome Caravanning

When you're searching for a picturesque escape, plus gorgeous summertime weather, you can't go past the glaring qualities of a Broome caravanning adventure. Broome is bound to be an unforgettable experience for any family, couple, or independent adventurer.Without a doubt, Broome is a headliner for Australian tourism. Any marketing campaign focussed on Australia will highlight the beauty of Broome, and it should definitely be on your list of ‘must see' locations.

In Broome, you can expect sunny skies, beautiful beaches, and lots of things to do. During the summer months be prepared for some company, this is a popular destination for everyone. When you're planning your trip to Broome, it's important to keep in mind the weather, as it does have wet and dry seasons, meaning a bit of crazy weather at times. With Perth the principal city of WA, we'll keep this the point of reference for travel distance. You're looking at about 23hrs of driving North from Perth to end up at this beach-swept town, nestled within Kimberleyrely region.

Holidaying isn't reality, and you certainly feel as though your reality is twisted in Broome. Australian holidaying brings with it certain cliche's, and we think we've found them all in this WA dreamland. Scorching summer heat, the beach (possibly a game of cricket with the family), a BBQ, and physical activities galore. Us Australian's are known to be at one with nature (and yes, the cliche can be far from the truth), and you can't find a better place than Broome to live out this affinity.

Although the idea of crashing waves and sunbaking doesn't align seamlessly with history, we can't divert from the fascinating beginnings of Broome. During the 1800's began the biggest industry surge for this coastal hub, with the perfect ingredients for pearling. Sadly, the pearling aspect of Broome brought more than just riches; it also brought death and exploitation. Aborigines were the first workers utilised to dive for pearls, but without proper gear or equipment. Once this was longer viable (due to freedoms granted to the Aboriginal people), it then became the labour of Asian workers and Islanders.

As a remanent of the dangerous pearl farming practices back in the 1800's, there now lies a Japenese cemetery ( for those who lost their lives during this practice) and a memorial for the indigenous female divers.

Did you know?
Pregnant women were often sent to dive for pearls because of their ‘superior' lung capacity.

Here is the locality of the cemetery if you're interested in paying your respects to those who lost their lives – an extremely visceral connection to Broome's history.

What are the main highlights of Broome you ask? Well, this is highly dependent on your idea of fun, and your personal interests. However, you can't deny the brilliance of the well known Cable Beach.

Cable Beach
Off Gantheaume Road

A beach that can offer you stunning ocean colours, pleasant sandy shorelines, and glowing sunsets. Many people take the opportunity to relax on the sand and watch the sun go down, a practice we certainly recommend. We hold the belief that you should be chasing sunrises and sunsets all throughout your life, from as many locations as possible. Nothing beats watching the mastery of nature in its purest form; it allows you to reflect truly on how we must all enjoy the simple things in life. It sounds like we're preaching, but I don't think anyone would disagree that it's an experience worth your time and an ideal element for your Broome caravanning trip.

At Cable Beach, you can hire out sunbeds and umbrellas, which are not only comfortable but can provide some protection from the dangerous sun rays. Due to the significantly flat shoreline, it's the perfect beach for an afternoon doze. One thing which is a little be different about this beach is the opportunities to spend your time on the back of a Camel.

Broome Camel Safaris – the way we're all told to enjoy Australia!

We've all seen it before, the image of some lucky fellow Australians glazing over the sandy beach on the back of a Camel. All lined up one after another, enjoying a piece of paradise we hardly imagine attainable. Well, this is the time to reach out and join in the fun!

On Cable Beach, these Camel tours are regular, and can be organised through Broome Camel Safaris.

You can choose from a few different tour options:

  • Morning Camel Tour
  • Pre-Sunset Camel Tour
  • Sunset Camel Tour

All provide a unique experience – it really depends on your preference. You also have the option of utilising the professional photography service, which can cement those memories in the best possible way (otherwise you can still capture the experience with your own camera). Your Broome caravanning adventure isn't complete without considering this rare activity.

Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park
 Broome Rd, Roebuck WA 6725

Are you familiar with Malcolm Douglas? He's a well-recognised crocodile hunter and documentary filmmaker, much like the late Steve Irwin. So while you're undertaking your Broom caravanning adventure, why not get up close and personal with Malcolm's friends?

Malcolm spent the last years of his life dedicated to the preservation of crocodiles, and his original crocodile park closed in 2012. However, we can all still enjoy the animal wonders of the new Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park and Refuge.

If you've ever seen a crocodile, you must know the feeling of seeing the sheer brilliance of this terrifyingly robust creature. Not only can you see a myriad of crocodiles, but there are many other animals within this park.

Don't pass up holding a baby crocodile – it's a one of kind experience!

Horizontal Falls
 Talbot Bay, WA

If you're searching for a less intense activity in Broome, yet still glorious, try setting your sights on Horizontal Falls. Arguably ‘the' ultimate Broome adventure, seeing the majestic tides of this lush location will leave you gobsmacked (pardon the language!). In order to visit this Broome gem, you will need to go via small plane, then boat, and be prepared to get wet! It's an exhilarating way to spend your time in Broome – with many packages available to see the falls. Do be warned, it's not cheap, but well worth the cost.

You can visit Horizontal Falls via Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures, Kimberley Aviation, and Fish N Trips.

Places To Eat

In such a tourist hub, you wouldn't think you'd be left with zero options for tucker, and you're not! Broome boasts a range of different flavours for your taste buds, with beautiful settings to enjoy the food.

Cable Beach Road, WA

Nothing is more ‘Broome' than sitting out in the sun enjoying some food and nectar. At the Sunset Bar and Grill you get more than just fancy cocktails, you also receive gorgeous views! Sit outside with a menu full of light tasty meals, or you can select from the an a la carte grill selection.The Sunset Bar and Grill is one branch of the Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa. Your Broome caravanning experience is best served with a refreshing dining experience.

The Lockup
 22 Carnarvon Street, Broome

Set on the original site of the Broome lock-up centre, this groovy cafe delivers a warm serving of tasty bites, and a coffee made with care. You trust this is your local Broome base for a casual drink and perhaps a hearty breakfast. It's quaint set up adds a unique splash to the surrounding town.

Places To Stay

Broome caravanning is made easy with various places to park your caravan – all with their own benefits and in stunning locations. You're never far away from local facilities and eateries. Just take a look at a map and find the right park for you travelling home.

Broome Caravan Park
14 Wattle Dr, Roebuck
Broome Caravan Park is located in a pristine area coloured with shady trees, and the benefit of a spacious pool. It's perfect to situate your caravan to enjoy the warm Broome summer. It's only 5km out the town centre and 6km away from the beautiful Cable Beach.
  • 200 Powered Sites
  • Unpowered Sites Available
  • 5th Wheeler Sites
  • Lagoon Style Swimming Pool
  • Campers Kitchen

Please note: No generators allowed

Roebuck Bay Caravan Park
 91 Walcott Street, Broome

Located at one of Broome's best spots, Roebuck Bay Caravan Park is central to the best coastal atmosphere.You can set-up your caravan to enjoy the best views of the Indian Ocean – with the caravan park situated right on Town Beach Roebuck Bay. Don't leave it until last minute to book a site here, as it's known to fill up quickly.

As their tagline says: The Only Waterfront Park Broome

  • Powered Sites
  • Unpowered Sites
  • Boat Ramp
  • Water Playground
  • BBQ's and Picnic Tables
Cable Beach Caravan Park
8 Millington Rd, Cable Beach

If you want to be only minutes away from the picturesque Cable Beach – this is the spot for your caravan! When you turn up to this caravan park you can expect a warm welcome and be provided with lots of shade, which is certainly a relief from the sometimes blistering heat. With over 500 sites, your Broome caravanning experience can be fulfilled.

  • Approximately 500 Sites
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cafe
  • 10 Minute Walk to Cable Beach
  • BBQ Area