Beechworth Victoria Caravanning

When planning your next stop within Victoria and seeking a little piece of humble tranquility, Beechworth should be your landmark.
A little road trip up the Hume Highway and onto Great Alpine Road will take you onward to this hidden gem. Although Beechworth carries an air of tranquility, you'll be utterly surprised by quite busy nature of its small city centre. Although you're probably seeking a location to set-up your caravan for a few days, there are many taking the time to enjoy Beechworth in a couple of hours.

Who will love this little (almost village) location? Well, just about anyone, except those seeking modernity. What's particularly perfect about this location is the landscape, and history. Beechworth boasts the best aspects of nature and earth, where you can escape amongst scenic green life.

If you're interested in truly experiencing every fine yet telling, feature of this town, make sure you take a few walks. A short hop, skip, and jump will land you at high altitude above the country landscape at The Precipice.

What is The Precipice? Self-explanatory. Follow the track up from the parking area at Ingram's Rock and let the track be your humble guide. Nature is literally at your feet, and all around, allowing you to enjoy the raw beauty of Beechworth. Once reaching the landing of The Precipice, you’ll immediately understand its charm and attraction.

You'll find there are many walking tracks and areas within the town of Beechworth, easily worth the entire morning, but alas, there is more.

If you're a lover of old buildings and intrigued by the astounding elements of Australia's history, this little town is the right abode for your historical taste buds.

Beechworth contains rich history, from humble town tales, to being a major hub during the gold rush period. During the mid-1800's many flocked to this town in hopes of finding gold, as Beechworth was a thriving goldfield for many years. You may find this aspect, in itself, a great piece of history to enjoy, but have you heard about Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum?

If you're interested in darker elements of our history, or supernaturally inclined, Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum is a central attraction of Beechworth. You'll find the grounds of Mayday Hills only a miniscule drive from the town centre, located off Albert Road. Here you can bask in the impressive buildings of the asylum, with day tours available, and night tours (for those looking the ‘creeps'). A visit to Beechworth wouldn't be complete without taking a close look at this historic building, whether or not, you're interested in the ghostly side of things.

Take the opportunity to physically taste the flavours of this country abode by enjoying the many wineries situated within the area. All you need to do is set up your caravan at the nearest caravan site, and head to the outskirts of Beechworth to spoil your palette.

What are you going to eat after a day of adventuring and wine? While Beechworth's CBD isn't large; there is still a variety of cuisines for your demanding hunger pains. Indian? Pizza? Parma? Steak? Roast? Lollies? It’s not hard to find a place to satisfy your tastes, especially with most eateries in the heart of the town.

A trip to Beechworth is incomplete without stepping into the iconic Beechworth Bakery. Make sure you visit this busy bakery, if only for the pastry delights that will certainly make your day. If you’re on a family caravan adventure, don’t miss The Beechworth Sweet Co, or if you're a heralded sweet tooth.

Caravanning in Beechworth will spoil your senses, but as mentioned briefly above, modern diversity lives approximately half an hour away in Wangarrata. However, we all know we're visiting Beechworth to escape those modern annoyances, right?

Places To Eat
Ox and Hound
 52 Ford St, Beechworth Vic 3747

See their Menu :
Ox and Hound Menu

Places To Stay
Tanswells Hotel Beechworth
 50 Ford St, Beechworth Vic 3747

Ensuite Apartment –
from $135 per room (sleeps maximum 4 people)

Standard Queen Room –
from $82 per couple – $82 twin share

Standard Single Room –
from $60 per person

Hibernian Hotel and Apartments
 18 Camp Street, Beechworth VIC 3747
Caravan Parks:

Beechworth Lake Sambell Holiday Park (Powered and Unpowered)

Peach Drive, Beechworth VIC 3747

Beechworth Holiday Park (Powered and Unpowered Sites)

151 Stanley Road, Beechworth VIC 3747